'I couldn't believe my luck!' UK man wins thousands of tickets on arcade machine

A 2p coin pusher arcade machine wouldn't stop handing out prize tickets to one lucky man in Morecambe, UK.

Filmed on November 7, Sam Holiday captured the moment strings of tickets flew out of the arcade game.

Sam told Newsflare: "I couldn't believe my luck, the machine just kept giving out the super bonus, every 10 to 16p worth of 2ps it happened, they just kept on coming!

"The tickets are used to buy even more tacky items from the gift shop, better than the tat you get from the machines, the more tickets you have, the bigger the tacky prize you can buy.

"I probably have about 2,500 tickets now and I'm saving up for an ultra tacky gift for Christmas, something like a mega fridge magnet or a fire hazardous plastic version of the Blackpool Tower, nothing too serious!"
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