RING IN THE NEW YEAR PACKAGE: All Plays Through New Years Day

We want you to be a VIP and with our “Ring In the New Year Package” you can be. Right now you can buy any Capper at both WagerTalk.com and Sportsmemo.com and get all their Plays in all Sports thru New Year’s Day for just $350. There is Football almost everyday in November and in December from the middle of the month thru New Year’s Day there will be either NFL action or College Bowl Games. This is the Deal of the Year!! Just $350 gets you all plays in all sports from your favorite capper. Hurry go to WagerTalk.com and Sportsmemo.com now!! This even includes all 5% Plays that sell for $40 by themselves.
*no coupons or WagerBuxx can be used on this special offer due to the deep discount

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