What Lessons can People Learn from Affiliate Marketing?

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Hey, today I want to talk about what lessons can people learn from affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is a very brilliant business model especially in the age of the internet now.

There are many business lessons that I have learned by doing affiliate marketing. The first one is to be persistent.

Some people think that this business is all about posting just 1 link and that it all it takes. No, affiliate marketing is contacted someone many times every day for a week to share 1 product

Also, just sticking to that one product. Image if you applied that same mindset to asking a girl out? Imagine if you applied the same mentality to getting a job?

Also, with affiliate marketing I use upsales and downsales. Upsales is striking when the iron is hot, like a girl is in the mood the time is right, you strike.

Downsales when she is tired, not in the mood you change tactics.

The cool thing about affiliate marketing is it teaches you leverage.

Instead of manually typing out the messages and sending them, you can use an autoresponder to send them out.

This is working smarter not harder. That is another lesson someone can learn from this business. One of the most powerful negotiating principles is being incremental and starting small.

With affiliate marketing you want very low ticket items up front. Then towards the end of the sales funnel it's good to have some high ticket items.

With a girl, maybe you want to start small and then eventually work your way up to marriage right? You don't want to start out with marriage you want to be incremental and start small.

One of the most powerful lessons is not to care about what other people think. I've had some people leave nasty comments, my funniest was someone said I talk too much.

It can really thicken your skin, which might just be the most important lesson of all. How many people do things in life just to please other people?

It's also good to read comments because sometimes the trolls are right. One person commented that “Oh this guys just wants to talk about himself.”

Basically, stick to the topic and he was right at the time.

Another lessons with affiliate marketing has to do with Casinos. Notice how when you go to a Casino all roads lead to gambling.

You have to go through the gambling area to get to your room. You can apply the same thing with an affiliate business.

All roads lead to joining my list. Nearly all the stuff I post leads to joining my list because the list is the number 1 asset to have in this business.

Another lesson is biggybacking on the success of others. I biggyback on the success of Linkedin to distribute my content.

Facebook to build a network and YouTube to make videos. I learn from people that are better than me.

There is no such thing as a successful self-made person. That's an egotistic comment
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